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Here is a full list of the poster presentations. The virtual posters will be available on the iPosterSessions gallery which will go live when the conference begins. You will be able to be ask the authors questions via their virtual posters during the Poster Sessions in the main programme. Authors will be available for live chat across both poster sessions on the days specified below.

Monday 21 June 2021
James Annett - Theory of the specific heat and Knight shift in Sr2RuO4 based on multiband triplet helical pairing or singlet d-wave pairing models
Apostolos Apostolakis - Nanostructures for nonlinear optics from the GHz to the THz range
Francis Bettsworth - Developing on-chip cooling techniques for reduced electron temperatures in nanoelectronics
Kieran Bull - Many Body scars and Prethermal Time Crystals in the Long Range XYZ Model.
Gemma Chapman - Modelling of Nanobridge Junctions Based Microwave Amplifiers for Fundamental and Quantum Applications
Eric Chatterjee - Superconducting Cd3As2 with Topological Surface State: A Microwave Photon Number Detector
Jean-Yves Desaules - Quantum many-body scars in tilted Fermi-Hubbard chains
Caitlin Duffy - Possible Superconductivity from Incoherent Carriers in the Overdoped Cuprates
Juan Carlos Estrada Saldaña - Coulombic subgap states
Juana Gervasoni - Interaction of relativistic charged particles with 2D materials.Application to graphene
Kathrin Gotze - Phase diagram and Fermi surface of CeOs₄Sb₁₂ under pressure
Ling Hao - Developing Novel Cryogenic Coupled Microwave Resonators Calorimeter using Perovskite Materials Absorber
Jans Henke - The concentric Wilson loop spectrum in rotationally symmetric topological insulators
Ana Hudomal - Fractional chiral hinge insulator
Conor Jackson - Spreading Catastrophe: The spatio-temporal propagation of the orthogonality catastrophe
David Jonas - A muon-spin relaxation study of type-I rhenium investigating time-reversal symmetry breaking in the superconducting state
Ben Lang - Many-photon resonances in Josephson Junction–Cavity systems 
Dario Mastrippolito - Symmetry dependent exciton-phonon interaction in MoS₂ monolayer
Daniel Mayoh - Magnetic ordering and magneto-transport properties in Cr1/3NbS₂ and Mn1/3NbS₂.
Holly McPhillips - Probing local magnetic order in the frustrated bow-tie lattice of layered oxide, Ca2Mn3O8
James Muten - Disorder, Interactions, and Topological Flat Bands in Rhombohedral Graphite
Israel Osmond - Novel Formation Route to Superconducting H₃S
Dr. Roger Mitchell - 2.6 Tesla Cryogen Free Mu3e System
Henry Sheehy - Simulated quasiparticle interference for non-unitary spin-triplet multiorbital superconductivity with impurities
Emerson Souza - Structural stability and electronic characteristics of cellulose nanowires on graphene-like systems
Bailey Winstanley - Eccentric Corbino FET in magnetic field: a highly tunable photodetector
George Wood - Tuning magnetism in the 2D van der Waals magnet Fe₃GeTe₂ by Co-substitution.

Tuesday 22 June 2021
Reza Arkani - Visualizing Nanoscale Superfluid Density Disorder in Bi₂Sr₂CaCu₂O₈
Sourabh Barua - Metal 2H MoTe2 interface from first principle calculations.
Sandeep Battula - Ultra Rapid Vibrational Spectroscopy with Vernier Dissipative Kerr Solitons Spectrometer
Thomas Bouteiller - A tunnel diode oscillator study of FeSe under pressure
Francisco Brito - Simulation of Quantum Spin-Liquid Phases with Spectral Methods
William Broad - Quantum Oscillations in YbNi4P₂
Minh Bui - Modifying optical properties of molybdenum dichalcogenides with ultra-low energy ion implantation
Alex Chan - Proximity induced long-range triplet Cooper pairs in Nb/Cr/Fe/Cr/Nb by spin pumping
Matthew Coak - SquidLab - a user-friendly program for background subtraction and fitting of magnetization data
Sam Cross - Alternative synthesis route towards high-temperature superconductivity in the carbon-sulfur hydride system
Laia Delgado Callico - A universal signature in the melting of metallic nanoparticles
Cristina Diamantini - Superinsulators a new topological phases of matter
Liam Gallagher - A low-temperature microwave/optical interface using Rydberg excitons in cuprous oxide
Andrew Hallam - Interaction distance of the extended XYZ model.
Matthew Hamer - Modelling of graphene drums’ mechanical properties and coupling to microwave resonator for molecular mass detection
Frantisek Herman - Microwave response of type-II superconductors
Roemer Hinlopen - Quadrature Magnetoresistance from Impeded Cyclotron Motion
Matthew Horner - Geometric description of Kitaev's honeycomb lattice model
Manisha Islam - Magnetisation Structure and In-Field Behaviour of Erbium Disilicate
Vit Jakubsky - Super-Klein tunneling of Dirac fermions through electrostatic gratings in graphene
Peter Lebedev-Stepanov - Width and shape of optical band of nano-aggregates and impurity centers with an extended π-electron system
Lev Levitin - Interplay between superconductivity and magnetism in YbRh₂Si₂
Owen Moulding - Raman Study of the Sulfur-III and Sulfur-IV Phases Under Extreme Pressures
Ali Moulhim - Investigating of Conductance peaks and gaps of interacting quantum dot that has symmetric and asymmetric tunneling junction
Ritu Rawat - Temperature dependent Raman study and Mott insulating behavior of antiferromagnetic hexagonal Sr0.5Ba0.5MnO₃
Thomas Winyard - Non-London behaviour in nematic Ginzburg-Landau and experimental signatures
Liu Yang - Rotating Majorana Zero Modes in a disk geometry
Zachary Zajicek - The effect of Cu-doping on superconductivity of FeSe tuned by applied pressure
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1 May 2021 [Extended to 16 May]

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5 June 2021

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14 June 2021

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